Canadian Baptist Seminary 

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ACTS remains one of the most unique partnerships in theological education across North America, and collectively, one of the largest seminaries in Canada. Over 1,500 graduates serve in church, para-church, and government roles around the globe.

ACTS offers a variety of doctoral, master and diploma programs in a diverse, collaborative environment. This collective range of theological perspectives from within the Believer's Church tradition creates a setting to learn, grow, and explore theological traditions and spiritual experiences.

Denominations in ACTS include:

It's a unique partnership of 4 seminaries from 4 denominations across Canada. We share our expertise, resources, faculty, and experiences to develop Christian leaders for vocational and lay ministry. Faculty and staff represent each of the 4 denominations. They are committed to serving the needs of each constituency with integrity and faithfulness.

For a fraction of the cost necessary to run a stand-alone seminary, the denominations enjoy the benefits of a fully equipped training resource on a university campus.

about canadian Baptist seminary

CBS is the graduate theological Seminary of theBaptist General Conference of Canada.

The BGCC is a network of churches committed to making disciples who live and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ within their local communities, across Canada, and around the world.

This network consists of over one hundred congregations stretching from Nova Scotia to Vancouver Island. While their roots are within the pietistic Scandinavian countries, the current churches are as multi-cultural as Canada itself.

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CBS provides valuable resources to pastors and church leaders through practical seminars, workshops, and preaching assignments.

CBS programs remain accessible to all. Students from all denominations and cultures study with faculty from China, Singapore, Africa, USA, and Canada. We are accredited by Associated Theological Schools (ATS).

CBS is a founding member of the Associated Canadian Theological Schools

(ACTS) located on the campus of Trinity Western University in British Columbia.

As a charter member of this unique consortium made up of 4 denominational seminaries, CBS has provided over 25 years of proven commitment to theological study and practical training for ministry. Offering over a dozen accredited, graduate degrees, diplomas and certificates, we train counselors, pastors, missionaries, linguists, church planters, Bible translators and other ministry personnel.