Canadian Baptist Seminary 

Application for CBS Financial AWARds

Is financial Help available?

Only students that have been admitted may apply for financial aid.

Canadian Baptist Stewardship Foundation is supported by generous donors to CBS. Various bursaries are awarded based on financial need and demographics suggested by the donors. 

Apply for CBS Financial Awards

How to Apply?

3. Reapply each year by May 1st

  • Certificate Quick Application

​           Apply for visiting student status (you must be                                       enrolled at another graduate theological        

                  institution) or apply for one of our certificate programs

  • ​​Course by Course quick application

​            Apply for a single course for professional                                     development to a maximum of 12 credit hours


2. Confirm your awards

1. Filll out the online application form.

There are three ways of applying to Canadian Baptist Seminary

  • Full Program Application

                 For Diplomas and Masters Degrees​

Submit completed application to