Our People Make The Difference

CBS is part of a consortium of Schools (ACTS) as such, our students are taught by world class faculty. To see a complete list of faculty please visit here.

Mission Statement

​As an arm of the Baptist General Conference and a partner in the ACTS Seminaries Consortium, CBS equips godly visionary leaders with biblical passion to plant, nurture and revitalize healthy churches globally.

Core Values

Biblical Authority:  Firmly rooted in our Baptistic heritage.
Educational Excellence:  Accredited and reputable learning at both the graduate and non-formal levels creatively.
Global Church Development:  Equipping church planters, pastors and leaders for the global church.
Collaborative Spirit:  Co-operating with the ACTS Seminaries and the Baptist General Conference of Canada and other similar ministries.
Spiritual Formation: Trusting God while we mentor students toward a dependence upon Him.
Leadership Development:  Empowering visionary Christ followers who commit to team oriented ministry
Effective Communicators:  Inspiring competent teachers of Biblical Truth.
Accessible options: Providing flexible education deliveries within the Canadian and global context

Dr. Wendell Phillips, D.Min.

Chief Financial Officer

Richard Ang President


Lead Pastor of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church 

About Us

Canadian Baptist Seminary

Dr. Bernard Mukwavi, D.Min.

Adjunct Professor of Multi-Cultural Studies

District Minister British Columbia Baptist Conference