"Online schooling has allowed me to grow personally and professionally while staying engaged in ministry and family life"

Canadian Baptist Seminary

Online Learning

You may complete a 30 semester hour diploma OR a 53 semester hour Master of Arts in Christian Studies degree (MACS) both offered at CBS. 
You may choose one of three tracks (1) Apologetics; (2) Church Ministry; or (3) Bible/Theology.

You may take the MACS degree over 5 years by registering for 3 courses per year. This includes two annual 1-week modular courses onsite in addition to online courses offered through video conferencing.

Courses are offered on the campus in Langley at regularly scheduled times during the year. This includes one week at the end of February and one week during May or early June. Online courses and/or video conferencing are offered in the Spring and Fall semesters to suit your schedule. Please note that some transfer credit is available.

How To Apply?

If you have completed at least 90 hours of undergraduate credits, you are eligible to apply directly online on the ACTS website. You may also contact the CBS office at for help to design a plan that works for you