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Spiritual & Missional Renewal in the Church
(PTH 580)- May 11-15, 2015

In the last few decades, the Evangelical church in the Western world has largely faltered in spiritual vitality and missional effectiveness. Drawing on the dynamics of classic Pietism and Evangelical listening prayer, matched with an exploration of Gospel literacy and missional church ministry, this course is designed to stimulate theological and practical equipping for Evangelical spiritual and missional renewal, both personally and corporately. See PTH 580 syllabus.

Roger Helland (ThM., DMin.) serves as District Executive Coach of the Baptist General Conference in Alberta. He has over 30 years experience as a pastor, seminary instructor, church consultant, and denominational leader.

He has written numerous articles and 5 books including Magnificent Surrender (Wipf & Stock, 2012) and Missional Spirituality (IVP Books, 2011).


distance learning connect

CONNECT is an online delivery system for the Master of Arts in Christian Studies. Consider Connect if you want to retool your ministry and live at a distance. It is designed with busy Christian leaders in mind. The online element offers a rich learning environment for students from both Canadian and international backgrounds.

You may choose one of 3 tracks, Apologetics, Church Ministry or Bible/Theology. Read More

2020 Summit
February 2016

Located in the breath taking Rocky Mountains, our 2020 Summit is geared for young adult leaders who want to celebrate the glory of God, be inspired and connect with other young adults.

The next 2020 Summit is scheduled for February 2016 in the breath taking mountains of southern Alberta. Check with the CBS Office for details.